Digital-Tutors – Learning Path – How to Get Started in Houdini

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Digital-Tutors – Learning Path – How to Get Started in Houdini

Digital-Tutors – Learning Path – How to Get Started in Houdini


The How to Get Started in Houdini learning path offers a step-by-step approach for artists who have never used Houdini before. This learning path is a more general approach to learning multiple aspects of the 3D pipeline within Houdini. Throughout the tutorials in this learning path you will walk through the fundamental aspects of modeling, materials, lighting, rendering, particles, fluids, rigid bodies, scripting and digital asset building. After completing this learning path you will have a solid understanding of the various aspects of Houdini.

01. Introduction to Houdini 15
02. Introduction to Materials in Houdini
03. Introduction to Collisions in Houdini
04. Introduction to Particles in Houdini
05. Introduction to Fluid Simulations in Houdini
06. Introduction to Dynamic Oceans in Houdini
07. Modeling for Dynamics in Houdini and Maya
08. Creating Custom Shaders in Houdini
09. Creating Cloudscape in Houdini
10. Creating a Rocket Swarm with Procedural Volume Copying in Houdini
11. Building FX Toools in Houdini
12. Advanced Rigid Body Dynamics using Proxy Objects
13. Disintegration, Teleportation and Reintegration Effects in Houdini

Includes all project files and stuff!

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  1. Lex
    Lex2018 May 1 11:27
    Hello, hitfile links are down; is it possible to reupload?
    1. Sonya2018 May 1 17:38
      Done, full re-uploaded.
  2. xcalliber
    dxcalliber2018 October 12 18:27
    Links Are Down
    Can You please fix them??
    1. Sonya2018 October 13 16:15
      Sorry for late - fixed.
      1. xcalliber
        dxcalliber2018 October 14 17:12
        thank you so much
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